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What We Do:


Welcome to the world of Cubed Models. Making things happen.

We supply a large and varied cross section of industry, from advertising agencies, film companies, commercial

photographers, engineers, and architects to private clients.

Supplying props, sets, models, exhibition stands 3D signage, special event decoration and corporate gifts.
We realize your design with anything from simple sketches to Computer Aided Design.
Our techniques embrace Carving, Sculpturing, Scale Models, Prototypes, CNC Milling and 3D Modelling.
With over 14 year’s experience, seven of them as Cubed Models we can with confidence say
“Whatever you want, whatever the size, we can build it.”


Specialising in:
Sculptures, sculpting, sculptors, carving, scale models, prototyping, architectural models, props, sets, models for advertising,
stills models, Exhibition stands, corporate gifts, decoration items for special events, 3D signage, model maker, trophies.